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Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Laboratory

We have played an influential role in exhaust emissions development and were the first truly independent emissions test laboratory.

We have ambient emissions capability in our Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Lab (VEEL) and climatic emissions capability in one of our Climatic Wind Tunnels (CWT One)

Both facilities use state of the art HORIBA emissions analysis systems and are Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approved for legislative tailpipe emissions testing to European standards.

We can test to other worldwide standards including US Federal. In addition, in our ambient facility, we carry out real-time analysis of emissions to assist with emissions development for optimal engine management calibration.

We use our expertise and facilities to assist our customers in developing their vehicles to meet and exceed the ever-tighter exhaust emissions legislation and fuel economy (CO2) targets driven by government requirements and public demand for cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles. In response, we introduced the latest HORIBA particle number analysis system to meet the legislation requirements related to health concerns over inhalation of particulate matter. 

Facility Features 

  • 48” 2-wheel drive chassis dynamometer, vehicle cooling fan and drivers aid 
  • 14°C to 30°C test cell, soak space for multiple test vehicles 
  • Gasoline, diesel, biofuel and hydrogen fuel compatible 
  • PC VETS Test automation software incorporating global legislated test cycles and custom drive cycles 
  • HORIBA MEXA 7200 Dilute sampling system 
  • HORIBA MEXA 7500 Twin-line direct sampling system for engine out and tailpipe emissions 
  • HORIBA MEXA SPCS2000 solid particle counting system 
  • Particulate mass sampling system and dedicated clean room facility 
  • HIOKI charge monitoring systems for xEV testing 
  • STÄHLE SAP 2000 robotic driver systems 
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